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Medical Universities in Ukraine, Europe
(Under Ministry of Health & Education, Government of Ukraine)

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All of the colleges are Members
of the following International organizations

  • World Health organization (WHO)
  • Medical Council of India(MCI)
  • United Nations Organization(UNO)
  • International Association of Universities(IAU)
  • European universities Association (EUA)
  • European Association of International Education (EAIE)
  • World Federation of Medical Education (WFME)
  • Association of Medical Education of Europe (AMEE)
  • International Education Society (IES, London)
  • European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
  • FAIMER etc.
ukraine medical university

The students with medical degrees from Ukraine are permitted to apply for International Licensing exams like USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), MCI Screening Test as well as in other countries. Graduates can apply for license with Medical Councils of more than 180 countries. The process of Europe unification has been accompanied by the establishment of a common education and research framework as well as development of uniform criteria and standards in this field within the whole continent. This process is called the Bologna Process.

  • The Bologna Process started on 19 June 1999 in Bologna (Italy). 40 countries are participating Bologna Process.
  • Ukraine joined the Bologna Process in 2005

Fees Structure for Medical Universities of Ukraine, Europe

Note :- View full fees structure, scroll left to right
Tuition Fee Annual Hostel Annual Charges One Time Charges Total for Ist Year Total for 2nd Yr + Total for Complete Course
US $ US $ US$ US$ US $ Rs. US $ Rs. US $ Rs.
Kharkiv National Medical University; Kharkiv
4800 900 200 0 5900 383500 5900 383500 35400 2301000
V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University; Kharkiv
4300 1100 200 0 5600 364000 5600 364000 33600 2184000
O. O. Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University; Kiev
4300 1000 200 1000 6500 422500 5500 357500 34000 2210000
Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University; Lviv
4300 700 200 1800 7000 455000 5200 338000 33000 2145000
Ternopil State Medical University; Ternopil
3600 400 150 1000 5150 334750 4150 269750 25900 1683500
Kiev Medical University of UAFM; Kiev
3500 1000 200 0 4700 305500 4700 305500 28200 1833000
Taras Shevcheko National University; Kiev
4000 800 200 0 5000 325000 5000 325000 30000 1950000
Vinnitsa National Medical University; Vinnitsa
4400 600 200 1800 7000 455000 5200 338000 33000 2145000
Odessa National Medical University; Odessa
4000 1000 200 1800 7000 455000 Tuition Fee increases 300$ every year
Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University; Ivano-Frankivsk
4200 800 200 1800 7000 455000 5200 338000 33000 2145000
Zaporozhye State Medical University; Zaporozhye
4200 800 200 1800 7000 455000 5200 338000 33000 2145000
Calculated @ 1US$ = Rs.65.00
Note :- View full fees structure, scroll left to right

One time charges as mentioned above are expenses to be incurred in Destination University for process & procedures including visa renewal & insurance
Admission Application Processing Fee (one time expenditure to be paid in India) Rs 100000
This Includes Admission Processing, Preparation & Processing of Documents of the candidate for forwarding to respective Ministry of Education of Ukraine for Approval, Invitation Letter, Translation of documents in Ukraine; Legalisation of Documents in MEA, India; Embassy of Ukraine Visa; Pre Departure Procedures PLEASE NOTE - ALL THE ABOVE IS NON-REFUNDABLE


*Condition Apply

  • Admission is subject to Final approval of students Application by the University & Availability of Seat.
  • Above Fee structure is subject to change from time to time without prior notice, only discretion of the university.
  • Tuition fee, be paid directly to university through bank transfer or as advised by the University.
  • Currency rate is used only for calculations & Student has to pay as per the rates prevailing on the date of conversion.
  • $ is U.S Dollar, Euro is European currency & RMB / Yuan is Chinese currency, Philippine Pesos is the Philippines Currency.
  • Hostel Charges Depend on the Availability of room / Accommodation Type at the time of arrival of student in the university.
  • Food Charges Depends on the student's lifestyle varies between 100$ to 200$ per month or more.
  • Miscellaneous expenses as mentioned above refers to Annual Medical Insurance & Visa Renewal.
  • Rates for air ticket shall be paid as per rate on the date of actual booking or travel.
  • Though due care is taken while preparing this chart there may be changes in the same from time to time depending on updates.

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MBBS Admission in Ukraine

MBBS has been the most needed and required profession around the globe. India has developed a lot since independence, having lots of Medical Colleges at state and national level. In this huge populous country, there has to be options for the people who can afford to go outside India and Study there. Ukraine has been a part of USSR and became independent in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union. Admission in Ukraine Medical Colleges are much more cheaper and lucrative for the students, who have financial constraints, and cannot afford to avail the academic and other expenses. People were only aware of Russia and China for the facilitation of affordable and better medical education.

Ukraine is getting attention as one of the best places for acquiring high quality medical education, equivalent to the degrees awarded by American and European universities, having English medium as an optional choice. Students get the degree of Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), which is MCI Recognized: Eligible for Govt. Jobs and PG Courses in India. The duration of this course is 6 years and the degree awarded is Doctor of Medicine that is M.D. which is equivalent to the MBBS degree offered in India. But, best MBBS admission in Europe having advantage, is only possible with the rise of MBBS Admission in Ukraine, for the Asian and other European students to study medicine at a very affordable price, making it truly international. After finishing their courses, student gets the chance of applying for permanent settlement in Europe. Visa Assurance to deserving candidates.